Dairy Products
Ozone can be used in dairies as a gas which sterilizes the air, or in ozonized water as a more effective and healthier alternative to chlorinated water.
  • Ozone effectively prevents growth of surface moulds on cheese in storage areas during curing.
  • Exposure to low levels of ozone prevents the development of new mould growths on the sides and   ends of unwaxed cheese.
  • Free mould spores significantly reduced in rooms treated with ozone.
  • The use of ozone does not affect the flavour of any of the cheeses.
  • 0.1mg/M3 of ozone in a cheese ripening room inactivate 80% of the mould spores without affecting the organoleptic qualities of the cheese.
  • Bacteria levels on the upper surface of milk are reduced significantly
  • Lab tests carried out on the use of ozone on proprietary powdered milk showed the control sample bacteria levels 100times higher than on the sample treated with ozone.
  • Storage of commodities such as cheese, bacon, butters and vegetables for long periods in the same transport compartment or area without any cross- contamination.
  • There are many different lab reports, which show the effectiveness of ozone over routine cleaning methods.
  • Ozone has been compared with chemical fogging and UV exposure as different alternatives to air disinfection. Ozone is shown to be both effective and reproducible in its process. UV was effective, but shadowing posed a problem in a factory environment. Fogging was shown to be the least effective method of air disinfection.
  • Ozonated water has been shown as an effective alternative to chlorinated water in the disinfection of dairy equipment. Not only destroys surface-attached bacteria, but requires no heat. Therefore uses less energy than sanitising systems which use steam or hot water.
  • Dairies
  • Cheese wrights
  • Yoghurt
  • The case for using ozone instead of chemicals in the dairy is now a reality. Ozone dissolved in cold water will react with organic matter such as bacteria, viruses, milk solids and calcium layers and greatly reduce bacteria counts.
  • There is no need for thermal energy, no chemicals and no residue. Not only that but the ozonated water cleaning system uses half the water of conventional cleaning methods and takes half the time. All that is left is recyclable water.
  • Highly ozonated water is the perfect sanitizing agent for clean in place pipe work for the large dairy farm as well as dairy processing plants.
  • Ozonated water can be used in the cleaning of milk vats and storage containers as well as milk tankers.
The added bonus is that ozonated water is environmentally friendly since there is no residue unlike chemical cleaners and disinfectants.